February 3, 2014

You May Say I'm A Dreamer

I am a big dreamer. I am contented with what I have but there’s something about dreams that make it such an inspiring experience.

If you don’t get what you’ve dreamed for, my attitude is that it should be ok because it was just a dream anyway. But if you do get something that you only imagined in your dreams, the effect is that of a humbling experience more than a triumphant feeling-- as if you do not deserve such luck or such blessing.

Then you thank God for the grace you have received. A great husband. Wonderful kids. A fulfilling career. Family vacations. Little indulgences here and there. And you find yourself in that place where you can say that life is indeed beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that it allows you to dare, hope and wonder and yes, to dream big dreams.

Life is wonderful. I celebrated my birthday last month and in the light of recent events in our country—stories of sickness, tragedies, political strife, corruption, Typhoon Haiyan (!)- I thought I should be thankful for everything that I have and for the protection and grace I get each day.

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