September 3, 2013

On Broadway

When I first went to New York, I only had the chance to watch one matinee because I didn’t have the time and all the money to watch the major shows at night. I ended up watching “Rent”, which was not a bad alternative at all because it was on my must-watch list anyway, plus the song “Seasons Of Love” is like our anthem in my old office in HKM (and funnily enough, now resurrected as a theme song in our present office).

A bonus experience was seeing Telly Leung play Angel and I was so enamored of his performance that I had to wait to get his signature after the show. He would later appear as one of the Warblers in “Glee”.

The second time I went to New York was with my husband and this time around, I made sure we would get to watch the big productions-- “Phantom Of the Opera” and “Lion King”. “Phantom” was nothing short of spectacular. And the guy who played the Phantom was a debuting actor but he was soooo good.

25 years since its debut and it is still attracting droves of people.

 “Lion King”, on the other hand, drove me to tears on its very first scene. It was just so magnificent. If you’re familiar with the movie, you would wonder how it can be translated into a Broadway play. But they were able to do the complete story (including the stampede) in ways you would never have imagined.

Inside the Minskoff Theatre, the home of "Lion King".

Times Square at midnight. 

Watching “Phantom” and “Lion King” meant we had to forego “Wicked”. It was already too expensive to watch a third Broadway play so I had to sacrifice this with a heavy heart. When we came back to Manila, my family and friends asked what we watched on Broadway and when they found out we missed “Wicked”, they gave me this I’m-so-sorry-for-you or how-could-you looks that made me feel all the more miserable.

So imagine my surprise when I learned that “Wicked” is coming to Manila! And what’s nice about it is that I can get to watch it not only with my husband but also with my two girls!!! Truly, there was a reason we had to pick “Phantom” and “Lion King” over “Wicked” back in New York.

Our seats are booked, our tickets bought (even if the play starts January 2014). We’re ready to get Wicked!

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