September 16, 2013

Hardcore Lover of the Printed Word

I have books on my Ipad and these are mostly the classics that can be downloaded for free. But for me, reading books online is like replacing food with pills (let us assume for arguments sake, that there is now an option for us to just take pills for sustenance so that humankind does not have to go through all the trouble of shopping, cooking, then ingesting food). Sure, it is a more convenient option but it deprives you of the enjoyment of the whole experience.

My eldest daughter is a bookworm, like their mom.

My youngest loves to read, too.
I feel the same way when reading books on my ipad. There is something artificial about the whole thing. I do not feel it.

Compare that to the feeling of buying a brand new book (the joy actually starts from searching in the bookstore), ripping the plastic off, feeling the cover, flipping the pages, smelling the paper, reading it page by page, bookmarking it, tugging it close to your chest when you get to the part that brings you to near tears.

Speaking of near-tears, a beautifully written sentence can drive me to near-tears, not just a sad scene.

I wish I had the time to write a review of the books I read. Maybe soon, I will.

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