November 18, 2012

TV Times

I really didn’t want to work today, a Sunday. But words forced itself out of my head straight onto the waiting laptop. I typed it in Word instead of Powerpoint so I can see the flow of thoughts. It was a continuous stream of ideas neatly laid out from beginning to end.

This has never happened before. I usually get stumped when it comes to opening statements. And I always change my last line because I always want dramatic, compelling endings.

As Sunday comes to a close, I reflected on this weekend. It started with a great Saturday. I brought the girls to the cinemas to watch “Breaking Dawn” (not a fan of “Twilight” but this finale, I must admit, is an entertaining watch).

Old pix in the living room
After the movies, we met my husband at the appliance store because he decided yesterday as the day that we were gonna buy our new TV. He only wanted to buy a 40” smart TV but it was out of stock. So I persuaded him to buy the next one, a 46”, and much to my surprise, he readily agreed (this guy does not  say yes easily).

Although it has not been installed yet, we happily watched TV in our “old” 32-inch LCD as there were great family movies showing on cable today. I said to my husband that our TV is our daily entertainment so it’s worth spending money on (as if he still needs convincing. The damage has already been done!).

And like I said, an interesting thing happened--- despite being busy watching TV, I was able to finish a presentation on the side, which consequently led to this post on my (inactive, of late) blog!

The muses must have visited me today. Remember that Beatle song, “Across The Universe”? A line there goes, “Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup”. That’s exactly what happened today.

Or maybe I’m just too happy.