October 16, 2012

Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling

Photo from hypable.com

What it’s about:

A novel about local politics and the ensuing conflict within the residents of Pagford High. It is quite a shock that this came from JK Rowling, whose riches is brought about by her unparalleled fame as a children’s book writer. Sure, her gift of insight and skillful narratives is very much evident in her portrayal of the characters. However, the book is replete with obscenities, graphic sex scenes, foul language and people hating each other. It is a very, very angry book.

What I think happened:
1.    JK Rowling became rich and famous and became extremely lonely at the top. She wrote Casual Vacancy so she can plummet back to earth and be a normal person again.
2.    The success of Harry Potter went to her head and she didn’t like the person that she has become. She wrote Casual Vacancy to purge herself of the saccharine goodness of Harry Potter, attract public flagellation and liberate herself from the bondage of her own celebrity.
3.    Somebody must have fed her drugs that cause a very bad trip in which dementors kiss her and suck out all the happiness she’d ever known.