September 6, 2012

Say Fierce

Although we work behind the camera, we sometimes get invited for features in industry mags. These shots were for a feature on The Firm section of Adobo. Now, how to be Tyra-fierce?

First try: interiors. We weren’t too happy with the layout. And we found it too stiff.

Then we went to the balcony. We liked already the composition of these shots.

But it was kinda difficult to get the “look” that we wanted. We laughed in between, coached each other on our poses (where to put our hands was the most difficult part) and tried several degrees of “taray”.

Finally, we got it all right. Color graded for full effect.

Wrap-up shot.

And when you’re already made up, what else to do but further get that at.ti.tude out? For the after-shoot-shoot, I was asked to channel ice queen editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour.

Icy enough? Wintourish enough? ;-)


Kymmie said...

Yes, perfect! I love the finished product and your new 'do. You're a stunner! xxx

supermac said...

Thanks, Kymmie <3