September 6, 2012

Say Fierce

Although we work behind the camera, we sometimes get invited for features in industry mags. These shots were for a feature on The Firm section of Adobo. Now, how to be Tyra-fierce?

First try: interiors. We weren’t too happy with the layout. And we found it too stiff.

Then we went to the balcony. We liked already the composition of these shots.

But it was kinda difficult to get the “look” that we wanted. We laughed in between, coached each other on our poses (where to put our hands was the most difficult part) and tried several degrees of “taray”.

Finally, we got it all right. Color graded for full effect.

Wrap-up shot.

And when you’re already made up, what else to do but further get that at.ti.tude out? For the after-shoot-shoot, I was asked to channel ice queen editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour.

Icy enough? Wintourish enough? ;-)

September 3, 2012

Moon River And My Tweeny Baby

My tween daughter, aging fast as I try
hard to stop the years.
I do not remember when my 9-year old started to act the way she is now—very smart and mature beyond her years, extremely articulate, a little distant, too quiet at times, a little cranky at times.

Sure she’s still very sweet and respectful but she can also be very straightforward (“Mom, you cannot force me to wear that.” Or “Mom, you should respect my decision.” while showing her trademark puppy-cute face).

Sometimes, I’d call her "baby" and she would be quick to say, “I am not a baby anymore.” and I would hug her tight and say, “Noooo!!! You will be my baby forever.”

But most of the time, I avoid smothering her. This is probably the phase where they need their own space, when they want to get lost in their own world and not have to explain it to anybody. I respect that need. I understand that need. So even if I would love to keep her close by at all times, I let her enjoy some air. And I try not to hover.

 I was sitting Indian-style on her bed
while singing. 
Unna, suddenly looking like a baby,
and her eyes still wet from the tears,
was intently listening.
At night when I tuck her and her sister to bed, I would stay a while to chat. When I lie down beside her, she would indulge me for a while then she would say that I better move to the bed of Laila, as her little sister might be needing me already (her polite way of saying scram). Clearly, she wants to be left alone.

But last night, she complained of mouth sores that she got from her braces. I guess it was really that painful because she was already crying from the pain and the frustration. Then I hugged her and stayed by her bedside and gave her a massage while singing “Moon River”.

Soon after, she moved her head from her pillow to my lap then hugged me, tears still streaming down from her eyes. She asked me to sing the song again and again and again. It was her first time to hear that song and she said she liked it because it sounds like a lullaby. Then she thanked me and said that made her feel so much better.

So I guess I'll just be waiting round the bend for sweet times such as this, when my tweener wants Mommy to make her feel like a baby again.