August 16, 2012

Watching The Wheels Go Round And Round

I’m wearing my hair long now. I don’t know how I have managed to transition from pixie to “normal” and for a time, I feel kinda awkward wearing a regular cut. When my officemate showed me some pictures of asymmetrical hairstyles, I thought I found my new look.

My last posts have been about my friend, Gabby, who passed away last June. As he was my blogmate, it took time for me to go back to blogging again. Weeks after his death, thoughts of him would suddenly seep in my consciousness—while walking, while working, while in transit, or while doing mundane stuff. And every time it happens, I’d be besieged by a tremendous wave of loneliness.

It’s been almost two months since that fateful day. Thankfully, I feel better now, knowing he’s in a good place.

Meanwhile, life keeps turning its wheels round and round. We got free tickets to "King and I" press preview two weekends ago from our client. We also have been fortunate to get free tickets to Saltimbanco of Cirque de Soleil at the newly-opened MOA Arena. We got the VIP box and it was such a thrill to watch with your own exclusive seats, your own room, bar, and waiter. I think most of us enjoyed the room more than the show ;-)

The day after we watched Cirque, we got free tickets again, this time to “Tears For Fears”.  We were so surprised when we found out that our seats were just 3 rows away from the stage!

Roland Orzabal was such a delight to watch. We watched their concert last year but it is different seeing him up close. 

Pinoys came in droves, our spirits still alive despite the recent monsoon rains which submerged Metro Manila.

It is busy at work, as usual. Hectic. But not toxic. We have lots of shoots going on and we’re planning for a lot of launches. 

The screen grab from the monitor, in all its raw form, look amazing already so I can't wait to see its final look.

All in all, life is good.


Posie Patchwork said...

Gosh you are lucky you suit short or long, i like both on you, love Posie

supermac said...

Thanks, Posie <3