May 28, 2012

El Nido and its Spectacular Seascape

We have been going to Boracay for so many summers now but we have broken the tradition last year, when we have decided it was time to explore other places in the Philippines. We have, after all, 7,100 islands to choose from.  Last year, it was Bohol (I wrote some posts about the the resort, the beach, our countryside tour and the famous Chocolate HIlls). This year, we chose El Nido, Lagen in Palawan.

Jake and I first fell in love with Palawan when we went to Coron in 2002. Sadly, our pix of that trip got lost. In this age of SNS, it ain’t gonna happen. Hence, this first in a series of El Nido posts.

Before the actual trip, the kids were doing a countdown. Their excitement for the vacation is so infectious ;-)

Going to El Nido is only possible through a chartered flight. It was the smallest plane I ever rode in. I was scared it would be a bumpy ride. Thankfully, we had a smooth and comfy 1-hour ride throughout.

We landed on a private airstrip. Then we waited for a few minutes in a cottage while our luggage was being transported from the plane to the boat that will bring us to the island.

The boat ride took another 40 minutes. When the seascape changed to a most spectacular line of pretty islets, rock formations and limestone cliffs, we knew that we just entered paradise.

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JM said...

I want to be there too. :-) Awesome place!