May 28, 2012

El Nido and its Spectacular Seascape

We have been going to Boracay for so many summers now but we have broken the tradition last year, when we have decided it was time to explore other places in the Philippines. We have, after all, 7,100 islands to choose from.  Last year, it was Bohol (I wrote some posts about the the resort, the beach, our countryside tour and the famous Chocolate HIlls). This year, we chose El Nido, Lagen in Palawan.

Jake and I first fell in love with Palawan when we went to Coron in 2002. Sadly, our pix of that trip got lost. In this age of SNS, it ain’t gonna happen. Hence, this first in a series of El Nido posts.

Before the actual trip, the kids were doing a countdown. Their excitement for the vacation is so infectious ;-)

Going to El Nido is only possible through a chartered flight. It was the smallest plane I ever rode in. I was scared it would be a bumpy ride. Thankfully, we had a smooth and comfy 1-hour ride throughout.

We landed on a private airstrip. Then we waited for a few minutes in a cottage while our luggage was being transported from the plane to the boat that will bring us to the island.

The boat ride took another 40 minutes. When the seascape changed to a most spectacular line of pretty islets, rock formations and limestone cliffs, we knew that we just entered paradise.

Next post: El Nido Resort

May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Surprise

I came home from a three-day trip to Boracay and was surprised to see this outside the airport <3

I was away for only a short while but on the first day I already missed them. And judging from the way my girls leaned on my arm, I knew that they'd missed me too.  I love being a mom.

May 7, 2012

Moet On A Friday Afternoon

In our industry, you sometimes go to work not knowing what the day has in store for you.  And that is probably the reason why I have endured in advertising for so long.

The unpredictability of your day is what makes this job so exciting. On some days, you are in for long days and nights of pitch work. Sometimes you have to attend a shoot. Sometimes it’s all deskwork. Sometimes it’s doing research in far-flung provinces. Sometimes it’s goofing off amidst an avalanche of work. And sure, there are days when there’s nothing to do.

Last Friday turned out to be one of those interesting days. I got frantic calls from the marketing group of one of our Clients saying that their President has additional concerns about our contract. He said that the President berated them and asked that they resolve it within the day.

There were additional text messages that followed and it seemed like they were deliberately making everything sound difficult. They kept on saying, “We have to really do this. This is the moment!” We thought something was amiss in all these.

Then at the appointed time, the marketing guys came and headed straight to my work station, which I thought was odd. A few seconds later, their President came with a singer in tow and a butler!

It turns out that the President just wanted to surprise us with a visit and renew our contract with a celebratory cake, bottles of champagne and a serenade (guess which song?).

Who would’ve thought Friday would turn out that good?

The President waiting for his cue to enter our office.
The singer, Jon, currently plays Captain Von Trapp in "The Sound of Music".

We were all stunned by this unexpected visit.

It was a good thing we came unusually dressed for a Friday, as we
normally come to the office on Fridays in shirts and jeans, sometimes shorts.
The President and the marketing team making a speech.
"This is the moment to seal our partnership." 

So this is what we got up in bed for on that lovely Friday <3

May 2, 2012

The iphoneographer

Marmalade skies. Taken from our office balcony this afternoon.

She likes pink.

She likes sparkly stuff and all other things I would’ve ordinarily dismissed.

Afternoon walk with our dog, Chichay.

At the clubhouse with their best friend, Bettina.

Yellow tutu.

Yellow tutu, too.

My wish is for the two of them to care for each other until they grow old.