February 4, 2012

The Dancer In The Family

Our family’s next generation is all of 6: my two daughters, 1 nephew and 3 nieces.  In family gatherings, every kid sings except for Danielle, who dances.

We have known this for a long time but we never saw her dance until my mom’s 80th birthday party last year. Danes is a quiet, quite-shy kid. She is also a dutiful, respectful daughter. We wouldn’t have reconciled this profile with the girl who danced that night in the party. It was awesome.

Danes (right) in a school performance
During rehearsals in the school grounds
She never took formal dance lessons.

As you can see, my niece turns into a different animal when she dances.

Then last week, she had an accident during rehearsals. In one of their routine lifts, she felt the bone in her right arm pop. Because of the fracture, she had to undergo surgery and as I write this post, she is still in the hospital recovering.

As a result of this accident, her parents asked Danes to quit already from the pep squad. A dutiful daughter of course, says yes.

I wonder how painful it is to have a broken arm. One look at my niece and instantly, I imagine the pain not just from her injury but also from her broken heart, who will not experience anymore the joy, the exhilaration and the wonderful insanity of a good dance.



Jen R said...

Oh the poor sweetie, she looked so happy in the dance pics...hope her arm heals well and her parents change their mind xx

Lizeylou said...

I wish I could dance - to have that beautiful gift of being able to move that special way a dancer does.
I hope her arm is ok and that she can dance again sometime soon.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh bless her heart, that is way more crushing that a broken arm. I'm going to have my 3 girls resume ballet next year, maybe even this year, i think it's beautiful & they are naturally talented, i love the poise it gives them, love Posie

Kymmie said...

I sure hope she can dance again. If it's her love, then it will be heartbreaking if she can't do it again.

Heal, arm. Heal!!