January 27, 2012

Happy Voice

In a reunion I attended last year, somebody who used to be very, very close to me said that he feels strange hearing my voice again after almost two decades. He said it sounded different, that it now has a high-pitched timbre.

“Really?”, I asked. But that was all I could mutter.

Days after, our conversation would still bug me. This person used to talk to me every single day for years and he probably does remember how I naturally sounded back then.

Does it sound unnatural now? Or was I faking my voice then? But how could I have sustained a fake voice for years? Can people’s voice really change?

I was grappling with the answers to these questions one day while caught in homeward traffic. Then I got home and my favorite part about this ritual was when I would skip out of our car ahead of my husband and hurry up the porch to open our main door and as it opens, the kids would run to me yelling “Mooommm..”.

And I would say, “Hiiiiiiii, giiiiiirrrrrrllllllsss.” in a shrilly voice. Then we’d kiss and hug.

And then it hit me. My voice did change. It has turned into a mother’s voice. A happy, mommy voice.


Jen R said...

Yay to happy Mummy voices :)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i love this Mac, it's so sweet & i have been thinking about it also. I used to have a very deep loud low voice, now i'm completely different, i speak faster, less eloquently & certainly less articulate, which is fine, i'm no longer in an academic field, or overly exposed to adults, after being a stay at home mum for over a decade & it's all fine with me!! I have my 20 year school reunion later this year, i wonder if anyone says i've changed, voice wise, the married 15 years with 4 children thing has changed me a tad!! Love Posie

Teresa said...

A beautiful post! You're right - your voice - you - have changed. Happiness from motherhood is the best type of change of all!

Emily said...

Love it! Makes me wonder if that's happening to my voice.

Kymmie said...

I love this. You're right. It has changed.

And it's SOOOO much better!