January 21, 2012

Birthday Girl

In the industry I work in, celebrating your birthday on your exact birth date is one big bonus. Mine fell on a Saturday so I even had Friday night to welcome it. In the past, I would celebrate the day itself with Jake and friends. This year, I chose to have an exclusive date with Jake at Manila Pen.

The feast begins with a fresh basket of bread, Rockefeller oysters and some cod.

Time for a raspberry sherbet.

For the main course, I had beef tenderloin on a bed of sautéed mushrooms topped with pan-seared duck foie gras, potato galette and truffle jus.

Jake had prime rib with foie gras. We ended the meal with some sweets.

On our way home, we checked which band is playing at 19 East, the bar near our place and were happy to discover that Kamikaze was the featured band for the night.

So we ended the night in a bar with blazing rock music, some semi-nude loco vocalist hopping on top of tables and shelves over isang platitong mani and my favorite beer, SMB.

From fancy to rowdy. A befitting ending to my wonderful day.


Jen R said...

Fantastic balance for a greta night out...Happy Bday xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Happy birthday gorgeous, looks beautiful. For me, it's another birthday with my husband away at war, sigh, we can make up for them later, love Posie