December 17, 2011

A Lab Story

Chichay is a 5-year old Labrador who rarely gets sick until last week, when she got afflicted with severe anemia or what is probably the equivalent of dog dengue.

The vet told us that she will need blood transfusion asap. We thought it would be a challenge to find friends who will allow their dogs to donate blood. Fortunately, a lot of friends offered to help. We were able to find a match in Freckles, a Dalmatian owned by our friend Jojo. 

These same friends also offered their own blood, if it were only possible to transfuse human blood to animals (to which my husband said, “If it were only possible, I’d be the first to give my blood to Chichay”). <3

Anyways, Freckles was strong and healthy enough to provide one whole bag of blood. Chichay felt a bit better but her platelets remained low. 

My husband made some more frantic calls to friends and there were dogs that were already put on standby. Meanwhile, I have discovered a blood bank for doggies so we thought it would be quicker to just buy blood instead of going through the process of transporting our friends’ dogs, getting them tested, finding a match, subjecting the dog donors undue stress, etc. etc. Dog blood is expensive (why wouldn’t it be?) but it was worth the expense.

With the transfusion and the meds and intravenous feeding, Chichay slowly regained her strength. And after 7 days in the vet clinic, our dog is finally coming home tomorrow. If Chichay could read, I would have made a big banner for her. But I guess she will already know from the smiles on our faces and from the pats on her head just how happy we all are to welcome her back home.

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