December 7, 2011

A Girl’s Gotta Be Told She Is Beautiful

My love language is affirmation.

I’ve only discovered that when I took the test. And it makes sense. All my life, I’ve worked my butt off and devoted so much of myself to my profession. And yes, I’ve earned the love back through my title, my reputation and the (relatively good) paycheck I get each month.

But aside from that, I need somebody to give me a pat on the back and tell me that I did good. I know what I am capable of doing and I am confident about my abilities. But to hear from other people their appreciation for your work inspires me more. It just makes getting up in bed for work every morning so worth it.

Now there is another kind of affirmation that can just bring me to the 7th heaven. And that’s when somebody says I’m beautiful, because I don’t get that often. (I get “cute” all the time. Well, I don’t just want “cute”. I want “beautiful” ;-)

Then last Saturday, I went to a college reunion party. My fairy godmother probably gave me some bibbidi-bobbidi-boo spell because I got what I wanted.

The ex-boyfriend told me I still look beautiful after all these years (uyyy!!!).

My friends from our major also told me I’m beautiful (wide, giddy smile).

My first barkada during freshman year told me I look even more beautiful now than I had been in college (gently tucking a wisp of hair behind ear).

And classmates from here and abroad sent lovely messages sprinkled with “gorgeous”, “hot”, “young-looking” (oh, stop it).

The thing is, everyone said the same thing about each other. Because really, everyone just look good, fresh as the day we met in college, and yes, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Now I am back to my cute, little existence. But I am basking still in the afterglow of my bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful self on that lovely Saturday night (fluttering eyelashes). <3


Kristy said...

You are totally right!! Girls need to hear they're beautiful (uh, James Blunt's instant rise to fame writing a song "You're Beautiful"), and also, YOU ARE beautiful! :) Here from FYOB and glad I came!

joeh said...

It is obvious from the pictures, you are the beautiful one!

Cranky Old Man

Naturally Carol said...

I agree with another bibbity're beautiful, you really are!

Romina Garcia said...

I think you are beautiful! I've always thought you were beautiful. I've always been jealous of that "cute" (lol) little bob you have. I have curly hair so that is something I can envy off others. I think you are absolutely right though. In life you need these kind of affirmations every now and again. I know I do, especially off my husband. Especially when I go to the trouble of getting dressed up!

supermac said...

Oh dear, I dont want you to think that I am soliciting more compliments with this post. But thank you very much for this shower of praises from the bottom of my heart (smiling coyly).

Teresa said...

All your old class mates are right - you are beautiful! And you deserve to hear it.