November 23, 2011

No-Brainer Fashion

Black may be too safe, too boring and unexciting.  But what I like about it is it being such a foolproof wear. You can just never go wrong with it.

Such was my mindset one particularly lazy day when I didn’t want to think much of what to wear. So I just grabbed an old black dress, immediately feeling comfortable in its “safe-ness”.

When I got to the office, there were a lot of us wearing black. The guys from the creative department fancied taking our picture and they chose black and white to push its dramatic effect. We were not allowed to smile (the Creative Guys sometimes trip on us, Suits). But I like the resulting effect.

Sometimes I wonder—how can a color be safe, boring, unexciting and also dramatic, fierce and awesome at the same time?

Linking up today with my blog friend, Kymmie, who is Fancy Pants and all.

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Jacki said...

Black is so versatile! I admit to wearing a lot of black too (mostly for the slimming effect!). Cool photos!