November 27, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

Sometime last September, I have already prematurely given thanks for a year that has so far been so good. December is just a breath away and I am happy to say that the early gratitude for the whole year of 2011 has been yes, premature, but nonetheless prophetic.

The ad that announced our new venture.
Surviving Business

I stayed in multinational companies most of my life until around two years ago, when we set up our own advertising agency. The first year was tough but we survived. It was extremely difficult with back-to-back-to-back pitches that consumed all of us emotionally and physically. I had two meltdowns because I spent much too much time at work and therefore missed much too much time with my family.

This year, our pitches were less in number but better in terms of quality. There were accounts that just got awarded to us on account of our credentials. Meaning, I had plenty of time as well to hug my husband and my kids. I only need to have this kind of balance in my life. I won’t ask for anything more.

My officemates onstage during Araw Awards. 
Recognition From The Industry

As luck would have it, we got even more blessings in the form of  7 awards in the last Ad Congress. It is a good number even for established ad agencies. More so for start-ups.

Appreciation From Our Clients

One of the ads that won is our TVC for their Car Loan, which got two Silver awards. In appreciation of our efforts, the President of PSBank gave us a GPS and with that came a speech saying how proud he is of us.

The president of Resorts World was also extremely happy with the Gold awards we got for their ad and a celebration at the exclusive Genting Club has been scheduled for this week.

We are lucky to be surrounded by good people and to be in a very supportive industry.


Romina Garcia said...

What a beautiful sentiment. I think the secret to a happy life is learning how to balance it just so. It seems that you have learnt how to do that. Best of wishes for an even better 2012!! xx

Maxabella said...

Well done! Yay! That's such great news and no doubt deserved plus more. You should be very proud because I know how much hard work you have put in to reap this reward. Supermac indeed!!! x