November 19, 2011

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas

 The kids have been asking me to put up the Christmas tree even before Halloween so immediately after our Halloween weekend, their Dad and I finally relented and brightened our house with some decors.

So this week, I am grateful for:

Christmas trees and Christmas lanterns

We come home from work, sometimes beat-up from the stress of the deadlines and the horrible traffic, but when we turn to our street, we see our Christmas lanterns and we instantly feel alright.

Family traditions

My kids have written their letters to Santa with their promises (Unna’s: controlling her temper. Laila’s: not sucking her fingers anymore) and their wishes (“a two-wheel bike, please but if that’s not possible, then a Thea Stilton book will do”).

I did write my letters as a kid. My husband and I agreed that we will make them go through the same childhood tradition of believing in Santa (and the Tooth Fairy). You get to be a kid only once and we want them to experience magic and wonderment while they are in that stage.

Christmas cheer

With all these lights and décor, the excitement of kids anticipating Santa’s gifts, making lists and all, the Christmas songs on repeat mode, tell me, who wouldn’t be glad?


Spreading some Holiday joy from Manila to the rest of Maxabella’s party of gratefuls.


Kymmie said...

Oh, I love Christmas! Our tree goes up next Sunday. Can't wait!

I love that your kidlets are dying to put theirs up too. And so glad you gave in!


Julia said...

I LOVE Christmas and am currently making decor items like mad! Our tree goes up in December around the 16th.

Romina Garcia said...

I'm with you I love Christmas!! This year we are trying something different and getting a real tree. Only because our old one broke. I really don't know how the tree is going to go this year with my boy. I'm sure he'll try to crash tackle it or something! Your's looks amazing x

supermac said...

Thank you, guys, for your comments. I forgot to mention that we don't put up real trees here. So to further push it and make our tree different, we bought a purple tree (from Dimensione) ;-)