November 14, 2011

Hectic Weekends

For a change, my weekends are more hectic than my weekdays beginning the last week of October. We have so far done:

The Sound of Music at Resorts World Manila

Julie Andrews gave such an unforgettable performance as Maria that I initially thought no mere mortal deserves to do it again. But Joanna Ampil bravely took on the role and showed that she has the pipes for the very difficult songs from this much-loved musical.

Office parties

Our balcony is the coolest party place in Makati. And it’s such a cheap place to have fun.

Cosplay Competition

I cannot believe the kind of craftsmanship that went into each of the costumes. Here are some of my faves.

Puss In Boots

As ad people, our ears are very sensitive to the actors who voice the characters in animated films. Antonio Banderas has been great as Puss In Boots in all Shrek movies but he outdid himself in this movie. Awesome voice acting here from Banderas. I hope they’re already planning the sequel. And did you see the Puss Happy Meal toy? It's the cutest!

Game Of Thrones

It is a wonder that I was able to extricate myself for a few minutes from reading this book.

It is sooooo addicting. I have just started two weeks ago and I am already consumed by it. My eyes are all puffy from staying up late (I once stayed up ‘til 3 am because I just couldn’t put the damn book down). I'm just in Book 1. Lots more to go, yey!

So there. If you didn’t notice, I’m kinda rushing this piece so I can go back to reading.

Life is good. Bye.


jomjom said...

winter is coming=)

supermac said...

Jomjom: Are you Jomjom of Karen? ;-)

jomjom said...

secret=) syempre pa. lapit na tyo mag kitakits.

supermac said...

Yey, Jomar! <3 Nice of you to visit my blog. Kitakits!!!