November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Growing up, we didn’t even celebrate Halloween. But recently, it has become so big and widely celebrated that by the time I began having children, my mind was already conditioned to jump in on this merry occasion.

Let’s start with our décor. This year, we thought of lining up all our Barbie and Bratz dolls for a quick inventory. (Note: I know we have an excessive number of dolls for two girls. But I only bought two dolls. The rest of the dolls are hand-me-downs from my three tween nieces and my 38-year-old sister. Some people give jewelry, designer bags and other heirlooms to the next generation. My family gives Barbie dolls.)

Anyways, we decided to witchify these dolls. I must say that the Barbie dolls, even with their broomsticks, witches’ hats, and black tops still look sickeningly sweet and pweetty.

The Bratz dolls though look perfect for the part. Harharhar. Notice the hanging hand inside our little gate.
My girls also had a great time during the Halloween weekend. Party number 1 was held at their school where the kids came in Vietnamese and Japanese costumes.

Party number 2 at a friend’s village.

Party number 3 at our own village. We have treats to last us until December. Sucrose overdose!


JM said...

Same here. It seems globalization brought us Halloween too. There was no tradition at all here when I was a kid. Cool shots! :-)

Teresa said...

Barbie even makes being a witch look fabulous!

I had to laugh when I saw all those barbies and where they came from - I have 6 nieces so gave them all my barbies - I'm sure they'll all be returned plus some for my daughter.