October 15, 2011

Learning A Little Art

Because I work in an advertising agency, there is an abundance of talent around me. They are people who do not just “sell products” but those who actively pursue art- - painters, designers, book authors.

My first choice in college was actually Fine Arts because I’ve always wanted to draw even if I don't have the talent to do so. Had I followed my dream, I would probably be an Art Director today. But I became a suit, a strategic planner, a finance guy- - the extreme opposite of art.

The dream to draw remained but I contained it all these years because of my very exposure to people who do know how to draw. I thought I couldn’t do it as well as they could so why even try?

But even if I didn’t summon art, art itself came to me! It happened the other day, when I asked my friend, Maki, to think of a nice birthday gift for a former Client, good friend, and staunch supporter of our company, Margot.

She thought it would be nice if the 8 of us in our group would draw different versions of her. These are the pegs that we stole from her FB page.
Naturally, it stressed me out because I never did a sketch in my entire life. But it was a latent passion that suddenly got awakened so I had an instant tutorial with another friend, Tokwa, who told me the basic principles:

@ Start by doing a light sketch of the basic shape of the face.
@ Draw a light cross or “letter T” across the shape so you can easily place the eyes, nose, mouth in its proper position and proportion.
@ Once satisfied with the basic figure (i.e., if it closely resembles the person you are trying to draw), start darkening the shape.

In our practice session, I came up with this.
And in the final session, I had this. I did it twice. So the first one is not just a nice fluke.
The final gift will be framed and given to Margot this Monday. 
And so I thought this will be my story for Maxabella's Grateful Week. I am just soooo thankful for:

@ friends who helped me fulfill a lifelong dream
@ the chance to create something acceptable, even if amateurish
@ reigniting a passion and being audacious enough to do a similar project, this time with my kids as subject 

It is also quite significant that my first artwork is something that I should give away. And I suppose that made this whole process even more wonderful.


Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

Looks like you did well. I'd love to draw but find I'm a bit too anal retentive to draw well. Give me rulers and lines and measurements and I'll be ok. Free hand it and it's a disaster. I wish that were not the case. I can't even colour in my daughter's colouring books without checking the "right" colours. She doesn't care if the sky is green and the grass purple.

Felicity said...

Bravo and I love that you were audacious - always a great thing!

Kymmie said...

So awesome! Not bad for a first (and second try). You're definitely onto something Tey. xx