October 6, 2011

Inspired By A Foolish, Foolish Man

My Facebook and Twitter walls are flooded with tears from all over the world and links upon links of photos, articles and videos about this amazing man. I am reposting one—a video of Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University as his story is worth retelling a billion times over today and in the years to come.

I actually watched this video for the first time today that's why the timing of this experience had a profound effect on me. I noticed how he talked to the students "at their level".  I noticed how this person, with a legendary larger-than-life reputation, came off in this graduation as a reachable, aspirational guy. I noticed how he avoided stories of accomplishments and grandeur and instead, talked about his trials and frailties.....wisely and cleverly transmitting such as lessons in triumph as well.

There are a lot of quotable quotes here. A lot of wisdom. And considering the circumstances now, a lot of lines that will heighten the sadness of this day.


Becolorful said...

Thank you for sharing this today. I feel like I was meant to see it. It made me cry. Not for Steve Jobs, like he said, we all will die. No, I cried because I was so moved by how applicable some of his advice was to myself and people I love. The connect the dots part of the speech and his concept that they can only be connected looking back not forward is something I know my son needs to hear. The last segment of staying hungry, staying foolish is something that will speak to my husband. Listening to him speak really brings home so vividly what a brilliant, grounded, and inspirational human is was and how much we have all lost.
Again, thank you.
Pam @ BeColorful

supermac said...

I cried when I saw this video, too :'-(