October 7, 2011

Apple Love

This is my third post this week about Steve Jobs. I thought it is but fitting to end this tribute by dedicating this week’s Grateful List to him. Here are the reasons why.

1. I used to write random thoughts on pieces of paper. I usually scramble for it because these thoughts sometimes arrive in the most unexpected places—before I sleep, during a party or in transit, for example. Now, when a word, a phrase or a line comes, I just type it up in my iPhone.

2. When I gave birth to my children, we had to buy a new camera, a new video cam then in later years, a new SLR. But these days, I just take pictures and videos of them through my phone.

3. I watched Sex and the City for the second time- from the first season to the end- on my iPod. I thought at first I won’t be satisfied watching videos on such a small device. But when I did, I enjoyed it even more than when I was watching the series on TV because I was closer (literally to the sound and the video) and thus it became much more personal and intimate in terms of viewing experience. My iPod and SATC became my constant companions for 30 minutes, at times an hour, for nights and nights that year—a me-time ritual I looked forward to at the end of a tiring day.

4. My MacBook Pro allowed me to experiment some more and be a bit bolder in my presentation decks. In a PC, you take a few commands (control this, alt this) to get something done. In a Mac, you just drag and drop, swish and flick. It did make my work easier and much more fun.

5. My children have been early adopters of technology, just like many children of today. They played with my phone, fiddled with my photo booth, and watched cartoons on my iPod. I don’t deny them these experiences (but they can only play with my laptop or phone during weekends) because I have long acknowledged that that constitutes part of modern play. Soon enough, my 8-year old uses computer time not just for playing but also for Wiki research.

6. His ad campaigns rocked our industry-- particularly his “Think Different” campaign, which won many awards and sold many products. It also became an inspirational piece and a personal mantra to many practitioners.

There are still a lot of moments, a lot of memories and experiences built each day using one or two or all of Steve Jobs’ current inventions. A lot of me-time, a lot of parties have been enhanced by it. Talking to family, friends and co-workers have been easier because of it.

The global grief that ensued following his demise was sensational for a corporate guy. The outpouring of gratitude was just as massive. This message has been sent to the universe millions of times since the announcement of his death last Wednesday but I’ll say it anyway.

Thank you, Steve Jobs. You changed my life.

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ally said...

Great tribute. My grateful was Steve Jobs this week too

Mum's the word said...

he was a great man and achieved so much in his relatively short life.. Inspiration to all

Cheryl said...

He was a very charismatic man with astounding achievements.

My little girl learnt the concept of using an iphone and itouch before she learnt to walk! lol

A wonderful man x

Madmother said...

A true loss for humanity, but weren't we lucky to have him!

Here from Weekend Grateful.

Maxabella said...

I never thought I would be grateful for Steve Jobs, but wow what a difference he made to our lives. RIP. x

Becolorful said...

I couldn't have said it better. Actually, I couldn't have said it as well as you did.
I loved that video. I had seen it before but I am mesmerized every time I watch it.
Thanks for the post. I am your newest follower.
Oh, thanks too for the sweet words of confirmation on our kitchen - well, his kitchen. If is were up to me I would be just like Carrie and eat out and use the oven to store my sweaters. :)