September 18, 2011

Three Generations of Denim Lovers

For today’s Fancy Pants, I present myself and the other girls in our family donning the ultimate classic wear—denims.

How cool is my 81-year-old mom? Well, she still wears denims with flair. These pictures were taken in a party held at a family friend’s house in the US, just before she left for Manila. Clearly, she also knows how to rock a party. And judging from these pictures, I kinda know already how I’d turn out in old age ;-D

 This is me. I chose some pictures taken during a recording session. Nope, I am neither a professional voice talent nor a singer. We did this for a creative pitch presentation to give Clients a glimpse of how the final ad will turn out. Favorite wear for a super hectic day that entails doing voices in between meetings and writing strategies: white top and dark jeans.

The third gen in the family loves denims as well. My two daughters decide already on what they want to wear each day. Big Sis loves it skinny….

 while The Little One likes cut-offs…

 ….and patched denims.

I am a big, big fan of denim pants for its versatility, style and comfort. I love it that you can wear it to a casual gathering, a big party, in the office, in school, to rough it out, to glam it up. It is really amazing how such a centuries-old piece of clothing can still look fancy up to this day.  

Do you love denims? How often do you wear it?


Kymmie said...

Oh your mum is HOT! I had to have a double take because yes, you look SO much like your mum! And look at her rocking her wedges! You have to tell your mum your friends from Australia think she's a hottie!

For a minute there I did think you were a famous singer!

As for your kids... adorable. I have a boy who only wears his skinny jeans right now. It's frustrating!

As for me? I love denim. You can't get me out of it. So much so, I have to make a conscious effort to wear other things!

Thanks for linking up today Tey. Glad you're back!


Kamika said...

Hehehehe your mum is so cool! And looks GREAT for her age, wowza!!!! Thanks for visiting today :)

JM said...

How could we live without denim? :-) Cool post.

Naturally Carol said...

Hi there..good to see you back..your whole family look great in denim! Your mum is adorable..I love her spirit. Mr W wears denim everywhere, not so much.

Felicity said...

Jeans are the bomb and you guys rock them - how cool is your Mum?!?