September 2, 2011

Suddenly, September

Peace and joy to y'all.
As cliché as it may sound, I wanna say it’s unbelievable how fast time flies. Predictably, Christmas songs get immediate airplay as soon as we hit September 1.  Now that there’s FB, it gets posted, too.

So let’s see, this week, I am grateful for:

1.    the start of the longest Christmas celebration in our country. It is crazy, but it is true.
2.    being nicotine-free for 8 months. I didn’t want to mark a milestone until the first year but 8 seems a good number to celebrate (plus what I went through to get to where I am now is no joke!!!). So yey!!!
3.    a very good year. You might say it is premature to be thankful for a year that is still 4 months away from the finish line. But that’s probably what the “-ber months” do to me.

Happy cruising this September and the remaining days of the year <3. 


Kamika said...

HOORAY for being nicotine free for that long! My hubz just hit his three week mark. It is tough! GOOD FOR YOU!

Found you via Maxabella :)

Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

NO! I will not have christmas starting this early. Can I stamp my foot and just so no. Do you think that will work??? Congrats on being smoke free - yay you!!

supermac said...

Hello, Kamika. Thanks for dropping by. Will head on to your blog after this. xx

Hi, Caz. Unfortunately, there's no escaping Christmas here ;-) It used to drive me crazy but I've learned to embrace it.

Kellie said...

Wow, Christmas celebrations starting in September. Now that's scary! Hehe!!
Well done on being smoke-free too! That's fabulous! xx

Cate said...

I think 8 months is a HUGE milestone. And I'm a big believer in not setting concrete rules. So happy 8-months-nictotine-free-aversary :-)
have a great weekend

Naturally Carol said...

8 months is fabulous! Well done! The 'ber months go so fast don't they? I hope they slow down a bit for me this year!

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

I see you are a beer lover, that makes me love you. Nothing like the mutual love of beer... oh gee i got side tracked... yes christmas... Merry christmas lady! Enjoy it! ;)

xo em

deck the halls with... la lah lahh

Kymmie said...

Oh my. And I thought Christmas started early here!! Mind you, I think it will be starting next month (it usually starts after Father's Day because there's nothing inbetween that and Christmas!). I love Christmas, but not 3 months worth! (Two perhaps...)

And nicotine free for 8 months is definitely worth celebrating! Even if it's for all the encouragement to keep going. It's a hard gig giving up.

I'm so proud of you Tey!


Seana Smith said...

Many congratulations on stopping smoking. I did that and found it one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. it's a huge achievement. Nowadays I always think; 'Thank god that is not me' when I see folks smoking.

Felicity said...

Nice work on your 8 months - by the time you read this it's probably 9 = double yay!!!