September 30, 2011

A Storm Has Passed

I am not really talking about a real storm here, although one has just passed this week. I am talking about a torrential rain of requirements the whole month of September, which finally came to an end this week. And for that, I am grateful:

…….that the work we have done was received well. We were spontaneously applauded by the clients at the end of the presentation and the energy in the boardroom was nothing short of electrifying. This is our biggest pitch for the year and we know that we gave a good fight. We will know the results next week so the people in the office are understandably excited, scared, agitated, nervous while the deliberations are going on.

…….that win or lose, we have already made quite an impression in this industry just by participating in this pitch. We are the only small, indie agency invited to this pitch. We are up against four multinational agencies, one of them the biggest in the Philippines. I still remember the look on the faces of ‘em guys from the multinationals. They were probably wondering how the hell we were shortlisted for this pitch (it is for a corporation that is probably the biggest in the world). But they were friendly and supportive towards the end, which buoyed our spirits.

…….that the hard work paid off. Clients probably do not know the sacrifices it entail to mount a pitch of that magnitude. More than the money and the effort you spend for the pitch, it is the time you spend away from your family that makes it all the more difficult. That’s why we also make sure our work will have a spectacular quality to it, to make all these sacrifices worthwhile. I’m sure the other agencies, with all their resources, also presented awesome stuff. It can actually be anybody’s ballgame. Now we just wait and pray for a win.

…….that we are back to regular programming. Our sleeping hours is back to normal, family life is back to normal and we have all blended back to the ordinariness of everyday life.

And here I am, blogging again. Good to be back.

Thankful as well to Maxabella for this lovely tradition and to Jody of Lemon Rhodes for hosting the Grateful Party this week. 


jody said...

glad the rain is clearing. good luck with the pitch! x

unsubcultured said...

Matutuwa ang mga totoong boss mo na hindi ka na magwo-work pag weekends!