September 3, 2011

So Hot, This Ryan Gosling

I’ve never heard of Ryan Gosling until I saw the movie, “Crazy, Stupid Love” (apologies to his fans. I now realized what a horrible crime it is). And I’m so glad I was able to catch the movie on its last week of screening because it is such a charming, captivating film.

There are just so many memorable scenes in this movie. Some really funny, some really touching, and some really romantic it will make your heart skip a beat. This movie had a very tight script. It was well-directed and the editing pace was quick and tempered (which I thought was critical especially in the film’s many funny moments). But what stood out was the acting of practically every important character in the movie.

I was initially raving about Steve Carell but the conversation with my husband during the usual after-movie-drinks eventually went to “that guy, Jacob” (Ryan Gosling’s character). He was very, very good in this movie. I like it that he didn’t go over-the-top with his playboy role and chose instead a charming, suave depiction of his character.

This morning, I googled him and watched a few of his interviews. Then I noticed that he really does have a great sense of style. I noticed that he’s got a cute accent and a killer smile. He seemed shy in real life, or at least in the interview he had with David Letterman (see below). And he has impressive acting credentials, with an Academy Award nomination to boot.

This didn’t happen for a long, long time. But he did make me swoon.

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Lizeylou said...

He could charm the pants right off me quite easily!!

Kymmie said...

There is something so very lovely about him isn't there? Definitely the X Factor!

And I haven't seen anything with him in it that HASN'T been good. In fact, I judge any movie with him in it as a good movie.

And you MUST see The Notebook!