September 4, 2011

Pop Icon Fashion

I just watched a feature on Marilyn Monroe on History Channel that’s why out came this dress with the Marilyn Monroe print. I know that it is an abomination to wear something Marilyn if you don’t have the curves. The cut of this dress does not hug the body. In fact, it is a shapeless dress. Perfect for my shapeless body.

 I cannot do the Marilyn Monroe pout. But I can do the Puss In Boots look.

Home from the office. These shots were just taken from my iPhone. This was taken by my Little Girl, Laila.

 And this shot was taken by Big Sis, Unna.

Such a wholesome take on an outfit that features the icon of seduction, don’t ya think?

So, if you want to see better curves, click the button below ;-)


Kymmie said...

Oh, I love your dress! And I love how you can wear shapeless. I cannot get away with it!

Isn't it funny how we want what we don't have. I'd love your body shape and tiny frame. I cannot be tiny if I tried! But you can wear a dress with Marilyn on it. And look fabulous!

It rocks! xx

Kymmie said...

Oh... and your girls are SOOOO cute!