September 16, 2011

A Forced Blog Break

Because of a hellish schedule at work, I was forced to go on a brief blog holiday. I was at first a little restless when a week has passed without me writing anything but soon enough I began to relax and enjoyed my blog break.

I love my blog and my blog friends and I missed the therapeutic effect of writing. But as I am time-starved these days, I thought I’d spend whatever’s left from work with things that matter most in life, like:

1. Playtime with Family, ie. Husband, Two Girls, One Dog

I only had about four hours of sleep and because it was a Sunday, I thought of taking a nap to recover from the late nights that week. But the kids wanted to practice futsal at an empty lot near our house. What’s a Mom got to do but join them even in my half-awake state?

 My girls, dog included, are sporty, just like their Dad.

 I am….welll……I am… ahhh…..ok, ok, just look at this picture! 


2. Doing Wacky Shots

I don’t understand why we even do this. (Even in formal occasions like weddings, there will always be that part when the photographer goes, “Wacky! Wacky!”)

 3. Spending Whatever’s Left of Me-Time In Long, Hot, Showers, Reading Good Books and Sleeping


Things at work are starting to go back to normal, thus this post. Oddly, I feel a bit rusty writing for my blog again. But I am grateful for that brief absence in the blog universe. It made me realize I am not yet enslaved by it and that I am capable of leaving it when it all boils down to choosing between my virtual alter-ego and the (barely) breathing person in real life.

Check out more grateful stories in Mira Narnie, a wonderblog by Brenda. It will sure be well worth your time.


Maxabella said...

You know I know exactly what you mean!!

Your 'sporty' pic is a cracker. Mind you, I was even further behind you in the line when they were handing out sporting prowess... x

Kalyan said...

Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

Amy said...

Love the pics! I am pretty lame at sports too. Although I am trying to put a bit more effort in for the kids sake!

A blogging break is sometimes just what is needed. Glad you enjoyed it!

Felicity said...

#1 - Grasshopper you have the moves

#2 - You're braver than me - I definitely couldn't post our versions of these I look like a T-Rex in most!

#3 - Love your combo here - although I have to admit when I first read it I thought that you were reading books in your shower -tee hee!

Happy day!