September 30, 2011

A Storm Has Passed

I am not really talking about a real storm here, although one has just passed this week. I am talking about a torrential rain of requirements the whole month of September, which finally came to an end this week. And for that, I am grateful:

…….that the work we have done was received well. We were spontaneously applauded by the clients at the end of the presentation and the energy in the boardroom was nothing short of electrifying. This is our biggest pitch for the year and we know that we gave a good fight. We will know the results next week so the people in the office are understandably excited, scared, agitated, nervous while the deliberations are going on.

…….that win or lose, we have already made quite an impression in this industry just by participating in this pitch. We are the only small, indie agency invited to this pitch. We are up against four multinational agencies, one of them the biggest in the Philippines. I still remember the look on the faces of ‘em guys from the multinationals. They were probably wondering how the hell we were shortlisted for this pitch (it is for a corporation that is probably the biggest in the world). But they were friendly and supportive towards the end, which buoyed our spirits.

…….that the hard work paid off. Clients probably do not know the sacrifices it entail to mount a pitch of that magnitude. More than the money and the effort you spend for the pitch, it is the time you spend away from your family that makes it all the more difficult. That’s why we also make sure our work will have a spectacular quality to it, to make all these sacrifices worthwhile. I’m sure the other agencies, with all their resources, also presented awesome stuff. It can actually be anybody’s ballgame. Now we just wait and pray for a win.

…….that we are back to regular programming. Our sleeping hours is back to normal, family life is back to normal and we have all blended back to the ordinariness of everyday life.

And here I am, blogging again. Good to be back.

Thankful as well to Maxabella for this lovely tradition and to Jody of Lemon Rhodes for hosting the Grateful Party this week. 

September 29, 2011

Tuesday Tempest

Storms are to us just as earthquakes are to Japan. It is too frequent it doesn’t faze us anymore, unless someone says it is a super typhoon. That’s probably why we just decide on calling off school and work on the day of the storm itself, or even after all the people have left home. Such is life here. Not quite like New York City, which got a lot of advance warnings and preparations done before Typhoon Irene hit the city.

Speaking of Irene, I closely monitored this on CNN and was quite surprised that there was just much ado about a storm that was weak by Philippine standards. But that’s probably the difference between the First World and the Third World. There, the sophisticated weather trackers will tell you the exact wind speed, the volume of the rainfall to be expected and the length of time the typhoon will stay. In the First World, you don’t get their people inconvenienced so you shut the city down.

 In a “developing country” (a misnomer if you ask me), you won’t know the kind of typhoon you are facing until it hits you. So you leave the house thinking that it is an ordinary typhoon until you see trees and billboard structures crashing down! Because the government does not issue a suspension until the very last minute, college students and hapless employees get caught outside. (See Daphne Osena’s difficult and terrifying journey home during the Milenyo storm in her blog post here).

As for us, in a storm like the one that hit us last Tuesday, you learn to cope by not having to depend on the weather bureau.  Instead, you make judgments based on how heavy and how violent the wind is, how loud the pounding on your doors and windows and how low the trees go. You do the most practical thing to do in a situation like that and text blast everyone in the firm to not, absolutely not leave the house.

So that’s how it is dealing with tempests in the Third World. I wonder how New Yorkers would feel about that.

September 27, 2011

Cocooning Today

I woke up this morning to the sound of the wind violently striking our windows. When I went down, my 8-year-old daughter Unna said that the trees in front of our house are swaying “dramatically”. When our help gets out of the house to get something from the garage downstairs, a violent gush rush in, temporarily chilling us to the bones. Soon enough, we got word from the news and from text alerts that classes and work are called off today.

Yesterday was actually our presentation date to a major client. After weeks and weeks of hellish, back-breaking schedule that ate up even into our weekends, I am finally reunited with Life.

On my first day back, Life decides to toss a tempest, forcing us to stay indoors with family. I am scared, given our history with past devastations. But I am also grateful at the chance to spend the whole day at home, back in my family’s embrace. 

September 18, 2011

Three Generations of Denim Lovers

For today’s Fancy Pants, I present myself and the other girls in our family donning the ultimate classic wear—denims.

How cool is my 81-year-old mom? Well, she still wears denims with flair. These pictures were taken in a party held at a family friend’s house in the US, just before she left for Manila. Clearly, she also knows how to rock a party. And judging from these pictures, I kinda know already how I’d turn out in old age ;-D

 This is me. I chose some pictures taken during a recording session. Nope, I am neither a professional voice talent nor a singer. We did this for a creative pitch presentation to give Clients a glimpse of how the final ad will turn out. Favorite wear for a super hectic day that entails doing voices in between meetings and writing strategies: white top and dark jeans.

The third gen in the family loves denims as well. My two daughters decide already on what they want to wear each day. Big Sis loves it skinny….

 while The Little One likes cut-offs…

 ….and patched denims.

I am a big, big fan of denim pants for its versatility, style and comfort. I love it that you can wear it to a casual gathering, a big party, in the office, in school, to rough it out, to glam it up. It is really amazing how such a centuries-old piece of clothing can still look fancy up to this day.  

Do you love denims? How often do you wear it?

September 16, 2011

A Forced Blog Break

Because of a hellish schedule at work, I was forced to go on a brief blog holiday. I was at first a little restless when a week has passed without me writing anything but soon enough I began to relax and enjoyed my blog break.

I love my blog and my blog friends and I missed the therapeutic effect of writing. But as I am time-starved these days, I thought I’d spend whatever’s left from work with things that matter most in life, like:

1. Playtime with Family, ie. Husband, Two Girls, One Dog

I only had about four hours of sleep and because it was a Sunday, I thought of taking a nap to recover from the late nights that week. But the kids wanted to practice futsal at an empty lot near our house. What’s a Mom got to do but join them even in my half-awake state?

 My girls, dog included, are sporty, just like their Dad.

 I am….welll……I am… ahhh…..ok, ok, just look at this picture! 


2. Doing Wacky Shots

I don’t understand why we even do this. (Even in formal occasions like weddings, there will always be that part when the photographer goes, “Wacky! Wacky!”)

 3. Spending Whatever’s Left of Me-Time In Long, Hot, Showers, Reading Good Books and Sleeping


Things at work are starting to go back to normal, thus this post. Oddly, I feel a bit rusty writing for my blog again. But I am grateful for that brief absence in the blog universe. It made me realize I am not yet enslaved by it and that I am capable of leaving it when it all boils down to choosing between my virtual alter-ego and the (barely) breathing person in real life.

Check out more grateful stories in Mira Narnie, a wonderblog by Brenda. It will sure be well worth your time.

September 4, 2011

Pop Icon Fashion

I just watched a feature on Marilyn Monroe on History Channel that’s why out came this dress with the Marilyn Monroe print. I know that it is an abomination to wear something Marilyn if you don’t have the curves. The cut of this dress does not hug the body. In fact, it is a shapeless dress. Perfect for my shapeless body.

 I cannot do the Marilyn Monroe pout. But I can do the Puss In Boots look.

Home from the office. These shots were just taken from my iPhone. This was taken by my Little Girl, Laila.

 And this shot was taken by Big Sis, Unna.

Such a wholesome take on an outfit that features the icon of seduction, don’t ya think?

So, if you want to see better curves, click the button below ;-)

September 3, 2011

So Hot, This Ryan Gosling

I’ve never heard of Ryan Gosling until I saw the movie, “Crazy, Stupid Love” (apologies to his fans. I now realized what a horrible crime it is). And I’m so glad I was able to catch the movie on its last week of screening because it is such a charming, captivating film.

There are just so many memorable scenes in this movie. Some really funny, some really touching, and some really romantic it will make your heart skip a beat. This movie had a very tight script. It was well-directed and the editing pace was quick and tempered (which I thought was critical especially in the film’s many funny moments). But what stood out was the acting of practically every important character in the movie.

I was initially raving about Steve Carell but the conversation with my husband during the usual after-movie-drinks eventually went to “that guy, Jacob” (Ryan Gosling’s character). He was very, very good in this movie. I like it that he didn’t go over-the-top with his playboy role and chose instead a charming, suave depiction of his character.

This morning, I googled him and watched a few of his interviews. Then I noticed that he really does have a great sense of style. I noticed that he’s got a cute accent and a killer smile. He seemed shy in real life, or at least in the interview he had with David Letterman (see below). And he has impressive acting credentials, with an Academy Award nomination to boot.

This didn’t happen for a long, long time. But he did make me swoon.

Photo from

September 2, 2011

Suddenly, September

Peace and joy to y'all.
As cliché as it may sound, I wanna say it’s unbelievable how fast time flies. Predictably, Christmas songs get immediate airplay as soon as we hit September 1.  Now that there’s FB, it gets posted, too.

So let’s see, this week, I am grateful for:

1.    the start of the longest Christmas celebration in our country. It is crazy, but it is true.
2.    being nicotine-free for 8 months. I didn’t want to mark a milestone until the first year but 8 seems a good number to celebrate (plus what I went through to get to where I am now is no joke!!!). So yey!!!
3.    a very good year. You might say it is premature to be thankful for a year that is still 4 months away from the finish line. But that’s probably what the “-ber months” do to me.

Happy cruising this September and the remaining days of the year <3.