August 1, 2011

Who Is Samantha Sotto?

Photo from the author's FB page

I first read about her in a newspaper article that tells about the story of how a mom spent her time writing in a coffee shop (very JK Rowling) while waiting for her kid to finish his prep classes in Ateneo. And when the book got completed, she bought an Idiot’s Guide to Publishing at a second-hand bookstore, got connected to an agent and finally got a publishing deal from Crown/Random House New York!

That she is not even a professional writer makes this story very impressive. Last weekend, I saw some friends posting about the book “Before Ever After” and apparently, I have a few friends in the advertising industry who know Samantha Sotto personally.

I am not a big fan of chick lit but I am buying this book. It is such a feat for a mom, a non-professional writer, and most of all, a Filipino, to be internationally published and to have your title displayed in Barnes and Nobles (woohoo!!!). This early, the reviews to her book have been great. Can’t wait to get myself a copy.

Who is Samantha Sotto? Let’s get to know her. 


Cate said...

Not an author I have heard of yet - but yes, definitely an inspiring story for all of us who have aspirations of one day being published :-)

Kymmie said...

I've heard about this book. And now I want to read it ;)


supermac said...

Hi Cate and Kymmie. It's now available through Amazon. Haven't bought a copy myself but I will very soon ;-)