August 2, 2011

Weather Forecasting, Philippine-Style

This photo looked like it was taken at 6 pm. The truth is, it was only 10 o’ clock when I took this shot this morning. Classes and government offices were suspended for the day. So we followed suit and declared an early-off after lunchtime.

When all the announcements have been made, the skies cleared. It's not that I want a destructive, torrential rain to justify our decision to send people home. I’m just frustrated that we couldn’t predict the weather correctly. The weather bureau probably just looked at the dark skies this morning (which, to be fair, was quite scary) and decided to announce work suspension.

I bet when the the real downpour comes, we won’t get any advance warning at all from PAGASA. We will all be holed up hostaged in our offices or worse, caught in a monstrous 4-hour traffic jam, worrying sick about our other relatives who must be caught in worse conditions commuting or traversing flooded streets. 

They say about 20 storms on the average, hit the Philippines on a yearly basis. Today's storm is just Typhoon # 11. Hay, good luck, Pinas.


Naturally Carol said...

Weather events are different in every city aren't we have flood warnings and every body goes home if the water is rising under the bridge and people feel they'll be cut off from the other side of town.

Kymmie said...

Oh this is so interesting! But it does sound like you don't have much faith in your weather forecasters there ;) xx