August 12, 2011

Ugly In The Morning

They say that you can judge how beautiful a person really is by how she looks in the morning. My two girls look pretty, of course, even with puffy eyes and all.  My husband manages to look ok as well even after a drinking party the night before.

These pictures were taken one particular yaya-less morning and the family all woke up together for a McDonald’s breakfast. We took pictures because we are very dependent on the nannies and we just had to document how we survived a day without them. Now,  while the husband and my girls look amazing, I on the other hand, look so……scary. Big hair, super swollen eyes, dry skin around the mouth.

I wonder at times how a princess like me wakes up looking like a frog in the morning. A cute frog, but a frog, still! Ugh.

Tell me, what do you look like in the morning? ;-p


Lizeylou said...

Me in the mornings ... um ... hair everywhere, but usually pushed up on one side so kinda looks like half a mohawk (but not the cool kind!)
Mascara to my cheeks, bags under my eyes ... you know all the good stuff!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Ha, i have short hair, it just doesn't sit flat as it's thick so my hair can be doing anything!! I'm not too bad skin wise, or puffy under the eyes, but amazing what a splash of cold water & moisturiser can do!! Love Posie

Kymmie said...

Oh, the bags. Oh, the bags!

You all look so cute in the morning - even without your Yaya!!

My boys look so cute in the morning, their eyes big and adorable. My husband won't talk to anyone unless he's showered and eaten, and me... well I look like a muppet. Hair up. It's not pretty. Lucky I'm happy in the mornings to make up for it ;) xx