August 6, 2011

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

On today’s grateful list….

1.    Mom turns Author. What an inspiration from a non-professional writer, full-time Mom and a Filipina, who just got published by Random House New York. Her book, "Before Ever After" is now proudly displayed in Barnes and Nobles and is also now available via Amazon. Dream come true.
2.    Big dreams. My beach house. A trip around the world. Writing a column for a newspaper. A painting exhibit. Lotsa, lotsa money. Finishing a marathon. Looking insanely gorgeous even in old age.
3.    Happy thoughts. I feel such joy just thinking about it.

Do you have a favorite quote? Mine is this:

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
-       Pablo Picasso


Lizeylou said...

ohh ... I like your list of Big dreams. Think I may just need to get my own list happening!

supermac said...

Lizeylou, I actually have a longer list than this ;-)