August 30, 2011

Our Four-Day Weekend

Today is the end of a spectacularly long weekend. We commemorated National Heroes Day lasy Monday while today marks the end of Ramadan. While some friends hied off to the provinces for the long weekend, we opted to stay in the city but managed to make it full-packed as well.

First stop: sleepover at my favorite aunt’s place in Cainta to celebrate the birthday of my Tito Rening. We had a karaoke party and my two girls surprised everyone at their very Pinoy talent of hogging the microphone. What’s more, instead of Taylor Swift and Kate Perry songs (which they also knew by heart), my daughters chose old ditties of Beatles and Abba plus a bonus of “Your Song” by Elton John. You see, these girls have old souls just like their parents.

On that same night, we managed to sneak out to attend the first one-man-exhibit of our friend, Nubs. After the exhibit, our group went to a bar for late-night drinks.

Last night, Jake and I attended a benefit gig organized by my brother-in-law. We had a great time listening to new rock bands, although rock gods Joey Pepe Smith and Ely Buendia performed there, too.

In between, we watched DVDs with our girls (we armed ourselves with new titles for this rare break). I also managed to squeeze in a fairly good amount of work.

It was a productive, meaningful soul massage of a weekend, all in all, given that I was able to pack in: Family Connections. Catch-up With Friends. Art. Old Music. Rock Concert. DVD Marathon. Playtime With Kids. Booze With Husband (a bucket each!). Glorious Fiesta Food. A Store Check Assignment. Pitch Deck Thought Starters. Whew!

And the best thing about this long weekend is…..the workweek this week will be spectacularly short, too. Yahoo!!!!


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh enjoy the big weekend. Hey, i was following you, then i wasn't - i dropped off the list, how weird, now i'm following you again??!! I wondered why your posts weren't showing up on my reader?? Totally strange. Bit jealous of the music, food & festivities you just enjoyed, love Posie

Lizeylou said...

That all sounds fantastic ... a perfect long weekend indeed!