August 17, 2011

Nothing To Do

I cannot believe that there will come a time in my corporate life when there is not much to do in a day. As a suit, I am quite used to multi-tasking, chasing deadlines, bringing home work, reading and answering tons of email, attending back-to-back meetings, having a wall-to-wall schedule and not being able to breathe much. That’s advertising life for you, which can be as severe as missing a husband's birthday and working your butt off to the point of near-death (ok, that was just an exaggeration but if you read some of my posts under the tag “life in advertising”, I’m sure you will agree that it is an apt description).

Some days are light but yesterday was particularly unusual because I had nothing to do! My officemates were in a shoot so nobody bugged me about any of our projects. I should have rejoiced and used the time to blog, FB, tweet, read a book and yes, I did all that. By end of day, I was so exhausted. Isn't that weird? How can doing nothing be so exhausting?

1 comment:

Kymmie said...

Oh yes. Hear you. Loud and clear.

And the day goes soooo sloooow. Nothing like a bit of busyness to speed things up!