August 10, 2011

The Next Generation

This is my 81-year old mother with her grandchildren. The teenagers in red, Justin and Danielle, are the first kids in the family. Justin, being the eldest and the only boy, holds the distinction of being everyone’s favorite.

The two tweens, Ally and Gelli, are born and raised in the US and whenever they’re here for a visit, they schedule a photo shoot with their Lola and cousins. They just came from Boracay when this was taken, thus their henna tattoos.

The two youngest girls are mine.

As you can see, there are only six grandchildren all in all, as compared to the eight children my parents produced in their lifetime. The ratio of grandchildren to children is quite low.

My nephew is one handsome fellow. My kids and my nieces are all very pretty. In fact, they’re all much, much more beautiful than their parents. I thought at first it was a natural progression---an improvement of the human race. But looking at my Mom (who looks fantastic at 81) makes me realize that these beautiful children did not happen because of evolution. I think what happened was… beauty just skipped a generation in our family. 

Peace to my sibs ;-D


Lizeylou said...

Your Mumma is A M A Z I N G!!
Infact you are one good looking family!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Your mum is truly amazing, her skin & aura is just incredible, lucky lady & you for the genetic lottery. You can have some of my parents' grandchildren, they got 14 out of 4 of us!! Love Posie

Kymmie said...

These photographs are amazing. And your mum does look amazing. But I think you will age as well as she has. You look fabulous too!

(Are your siblings finished having kids, or are there more to come?)

We will have to wait and see!