August 8, 2011

Born To Be A Mother

I realized I started taking care of kids when I was probably 10, when my cousins Itog and Maret were born. My aunt didn’t even have to ask me to babysit them, I’d just do it.

In our old apartment in Manila, we became very close with the neighbors and our family would always “borrow” kids from them. I remember them all…Ha-ke, Shing, Renren, Cookie and Nunu. At one point in their lives, they virtually became part of our family.

And while my parents and siblings doted on them, I was really the one who took care of them while they were in our house. I read books to them, taught them songs and rhymes, played with them, disciplined them.

It was a good thing I eventually became a mother biologically (to two girls) or my innate gift at raising kids would have gone to waste. But then again, remembering all the children I took care of made me think that even if I didn’t have kids, I still would have fulfilled my destiny. Yep, I think I was born to be a mother. What a cool purpose in life.


Kymmie said...

Oh yes, you were born to do it (and do it so well!)

I didn't think I was born to be a biological mum and thought step-parenting would be it. But we I decided I really wanted to have my own babies, I'm so glad we made the plunge (and that we could actually have babies too).

Double blessed!


Lizeylou said...

WOW ... I'd like to think that I was born to be a mum. I mean I have 3 kids, but I struggle with being patient - that certainly doesn't come naturally to me at all!!

Diminishing Lucy said...

Such a simple message, such a complex calling.

Thank you for joining up with the Weekend Rewind!