July 14, 2011

Potter Frenzy

I have not said anything to my officemates about my Harry Potter experience because I do not want them to be biased even before they watch the movie. I also don’t want to give spoilers to blog friends on how the movie version was like.

But I am just dying to talk about Harry Potter so I will just content myself with a feature on my Harry Potter collection.

I have all the books of course (and I have the audio books in my Kindle). But my favorite book cover is Half-Blood Prince. All the books available in the Philippines are the American cover versions. I got the UK version for Book 6 because I happened to be in the Bangkok airport the first day it came out and was surprised to see that they carry a different cover.

 Aside from the books, I also have these. Fantastic Beasts and Magical Creatures and Quidditch Through The Ages, if you remember, were introduced as Harry Potter's reads in Book 1.

Oh, I also have this teeny-weeny thingie in my office....

But it is nothing compared to the collection of my friend/teammate and fellow Potterhead, Lester. He is watching the movie this very moment and I can't wait to have coffee with him tomorrow so we can talk about the magic that JK Rowling has brought into our lives.

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