July 16, 2011

My Drinking Buddy

I was already in my 30’s when I got married. Before that, I kept pretty long relationships and when it ended, I just led a normal life with friends until the next one came along.

I was very choosy even with men I date. I like smart conversationalists (but not intellectual snobs). I like cool dudes. I like people who can make me laugh. I like people who are good at their profession.

And because there were a few good men (a few good, single, straight men) during periods when I wasn’t in a relationship, I didn’t date much. I did not market myself. I was doing ok as a single entity. When I was in my late 20’s, and with no potential relationships to cultivate, I thought I would end up an old maid. But I was actually ok with that, too.

Then Jake came along. I distinctly remember that my first glimpse of him sent some crazy signals in my gut that he was the one.

Long-haired. Check.
Dresses well. Wears cool boots. Check.
Walks with a little, almost indistinguishable swagger. Check.  
Reads John Steinbeck. Check.

To make the long story short, he became my boyfriend for 5 years and then we got married (which I shared here) and we have so far been together a total of 15 years.

Now, 15 years….that’s a loooong time. So I am devoting this Saturday’s gratitude list to the wonders of life with this man.

I am thankful that…

1.    We never run out of things to talk about.  We still enjoy conversations about the books we like, about our passions and also about the most mundane things in the world.
2.    We still enjoy going out. Beer nights in a bar. Wine nights in a fancy restaurant. With friends. Or just the two of us.
3.    We are still so alike and yet so different from each other. While we share a lot of interests, we retained our own individuality and grew as persons independently from one another.

You might be wondering why I am such a happy gal……well, he is the answer.

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georgi hampton said...

you're a lucky girl to find someone special like that. it's lovely that you realise that too! popped by from maxabella, hope you dont mind a new follower. x

Maxabella said...

A good man is key to a happy life, I think. x

Julia said...

Sweet post. You are a lucky lady. And he is just as lucky to have you.x

Julia said...

Sweet post. You are a lucky lady. And he is just as lucky to have you.x

Cate said...

Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden - two of my faves!! (oh and the Moon is Down was good too...)
Great gratefuls!!
have a great weekend

Kymmie said...

That is so great Tey. I love that you weren't stressed about being single. I so relate to that! He was worth waiting for...

And I couldn't help but do the math. You look AMAZING! xx