July 7, 2011

Let's Do The Zumba

I have always been a sloth. I’d like to think I was born that way. But once in a while, I am shaken into a painful realization that I have been born a human being who needs a good exercise to keep both mind and body functioning well. When that happens, I sometimes do the extreme thing, as human beings are wont to do, and enroll in a gym.

It didn’t turn out to be an inspired decision. The first time I did that, I managed to go to the gym around 8 times in a year. Several years later, I enrolled again, thinking that I would have learned from past mistakes. Well, I was terribly wrong. I went approximately 5 times. I was getting better and better at wasting money.

Recently, the fitness bug hit me again. This time, I did what I thought was an intelligent decision and just walked around the village. But after a while, I got tired and bored with it so I regressed to being a sloth again! I thought I was doomed to a life of inertia.

Then I discovered Zumba. What I like about it is that you only have to do it 30 minutes per session. It is a dance routine which can be done at home. I have so far done 4-5 sessions and from the looks of it, my success rate (at compliance) is going to be better with Zumba versus the village walking and the gym.

If you want to try, I’m sharing here some of the videos I got from youtube.

I usually start with this video, which is like a warm-up to the dance.

Then I do this. This is my most favorite routine of all because it is the easiest to do.

This video follows. This is a little difficult than the first but I somehow manage to do all the steps right.

Then I end with this video. This is super duper hard-core Zumba. I don’t get to follow all the steps but I try to do it anyway just to get a good cardio workout.

So there. If you are one of those girls who find it hard to move your butt for exercise, this might just be the right one for you. 

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Kymmie said...

This is so funny! Just yesterday I was visiting some friends and one of them is a Zumba instructor. She was showing us some moves, because quite frankly, I was saying how uncoordinated I was. But after a few attemps I realise that I will actually lose weight and tone up just by laughing! What a hoot! I'm going to try it at my local gym next week.

Tey, thanks for the inspiration!