July 24, 2011

Fancy Meets Crazy

For a major presentation that day, I wore a simple gray hoodie, denims and a kick-ass pair of boots. Working in an advertising firm allows you to be not too corporate-y and I like that about our industry. Anyways, we were holed up in the conference room for the most part of the day because of that major presentation. But we still managed to goof around with some headgears (yes, we remembered to remove it before the meeting). I just love the Agency life!

If you want to see some 5-star fancypants, hop on to Kymmie's blog by clicking the button below ;-)


Kymmie said...

Oh, I love this. Very cute (and yes, those boots are very kickass!)

Love that you can goof with your workmates. xx

Naturally Carol said...

Hi..I love that you love your job! Your passion for your work really comes through. Thanks for visiting me too!

Lizeylou said...

How fun .... must say that a little head gear suits you!!