July 27, 2011

Deliver Us From Darkness

I’ve been sick the past two days and because I had nothing to do at home (I just know if I started working it won’t stop), I had all the time in the world to read about the horrific massacre in Norway. I cannot imagine how someone can have the heart to chase after kids running, hiding behind bushes, swimming away in terror and fire bullets at them. It takes a possessed soul, if he has one, to do such a savage act. I saw his recent shot and it was so evil it sent shivers down my spine. He was smiling, as if immensely satisfied at the atrocities he just committed.

The media has published some portions of his twisted manifesto and I hope they will stop doing that. I think they should not give this person the space by which he will be able to express his ideology because there are like-minded lunatics and extremists out there who might be now emboldened to carry out the same sinister acts.

It was a good thing therefore that Norway decided to conduct the hearing behind closed doors. I’m sure that that neo-Nazi (I refuse to even mention his name) would have loved to be given a podium so he can address his fellow fascists that in this day and age, I am shocked to discover, are still scattered across the world.

And while I already felt simultaneously horrified, revolted, and pained at the initial news of the rampage, I still did not expect the wave of sorrow I felt upon seeing the pictures that Time Magazine published after the crime. Nothing, I guess, is more heartbreaking for a mother like me than the sight of children and parents grieving from such a harrowing, painful loss.

As I write this, I hug my kids, hoping that they will not know ever…ever!!!....dear Lord please, the darkness in this world.

Relatives offer flowers near the youth camp in Utoeya Island.
Friends of victims. They looked stunned and in a state of shock and disbelief.
These succeeding photos show various states of grief. But this picture of a Mom holding her daughter tight touched me so much.
 It's as if she's trying to protect her and just as much as she's drawing strength from her.

I can't imagine their pain ;-(

*Photos by Paula Bronstein and Jeff Mitchell of Getty Images via Time Magazine

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