July 30, 2011

The Color Of My Skin

Here in the Philippines, women are buying all sorts of products to make their skin white. The numbers are startling—1 out of 2 women use whitening soap/lotion, believing that it buys them beauty. And acceptance.

As for me, I am thankful for:
1.    The color of my skin. A Portuguese-American colleague call it a “glorious tan”.  I call it by its basic, simple color. Brown. Proudly brown.
2.    Self-worth. I don’t need beauty products to change who I am at my very core. I am petite. I have dark skin. And I’m getting old. I am very Asian. Very Pinay. And also, very cute ;-)
3.    Sense of Humor. Ok. I just really wanted to tell myself that I am beautiful. Even though from an objective, rational, non-delusional plane, I know I'm not. But what can I do? I feel it. I project it to the world. And as this picture will show you, I truly believe it. ;-)

I am writing this for Maxabella's linky of gratefuls. Please just click the button for the other wonderful reasons on why people in the blogland are thankful.


Kim H said...

I would be ever so grateful if I had your gorgeous skin too. And yes, you are totally gorgeous.

I can't understand the skin whitening thing but that's probably because all of my childhood weas spent on us all trying to darken ourselves. Go figure. Skin cancer city in Australia because of this ridiculous need to tan. No matter what our skin colour we gals are never happy.
Lovely to read your blog via Maxabella. x

Lizeylou said...

I think you are beautiful too!
And can I add that I love this pic of you (your hair rocks!!) and your skin - well, what I wouldn't give to have skin like yours vs my pale white - gorgeous!

Posie Patchwork said...

You are gorgeous & good for you for loving the skin you're in. My husband found it amazingly shocking in the Middle East how every second ad on television (a lot of Indian television) was for skin whitening. I had no idea they'd want to be white, when white people seem to want to be darker?? It's all so nuts, your view is completely & thoroughly refreshing, good on you!! Love Posie

georgi hampton said...

this is such an awesome post. So important to accept ourselves and love ourselves just as we are. For me, it's loving my super duper pale skin (which i mostly don't see as a blessing..)

picklebug said...

I wish I had skin like yours! During winter, my legs get so white that when they eventually do get to see the light of day, the are actually blinding! Seriously, you need your sunnies on to look at my legs.
Yes, you are very cute! But old? I don't think so!
Nice to find your blog!
Rach x

supermac said...

I'm gettin' some blog love!!!!! Woohoo! Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies.

picklebug said...

Hehe, blog love it great!

Scooper said...

I would love to have your skin...it's beautiful! Why anyone would whiten skin that beautiful is crazy. I always appreciate your sweet comments. Thank you.

Kymmie said...

Aren't we mad? Here I am wishing I had skin your colour, while those with gorgeous brown skin want it to be whiter?? What the...?

Oh, you are gorgeous, funny, bright and have BEAUTIFUL skin.

I'm so glad you love the skin you're in. xx