June 26, 2011

Our Life's Like A Sitcom

This post is just a longer version of our Facebook status this morning but it’s just too good to not be chronicled here in my blog.

 Our nanny asked my daughter Unna, now 8, how her day was on her first day in school. Unna replied, “I played like there’s no tomorrow.” 

Our other daughter, Laila, who’s 7 years of age, watched intently as the priest released some incense during the mass this morning. Then she whispered to me, “Mom, is that the holy smokes?”


Posie Patchwork said...

Adorable!! We're not catholic so when we go to catholic church (as my husband is the Godfather to a zillion children, he's just Mr Responsbility) at one Christening when they were doing communion, one of my then 5 year olds said at the top of her voice "they're drinking Jesus' blood, are Catholics vampires??" Yes, we stand out wherever we go!! Love Posie

Kymmie said...

Oh. PRICELESS! I want to meet your girls!