June 20, 2011

King For The Day

We woke up early to prepare for the Father’s Day surprise. Our menu was simple: spaghetti with tomato sauce and four cheese, burger patties with mozzarella filling, and fruit salad. But for somebody who doesn’t know how to cook, this is a big deal for me. My two little helpers excitedly donned their aprons to help out.

Cooking for me entails a daughter yelling out the instructions from a computer.

 After cooking, we cleaned our table and ensured that its wood shine and smell lemony good. 

My friend and officemate, Maki, helped out in making these special placemats. Purple is my husband’s favorite color.

 We bought flowers from the supermarket and just added greens from our little garden. The arrangement just shows I’m no Martha Stewart. I just couldn’t get it right ;-(

Presenting…..our Father’s Day special!!! We made burger flags and napkin decors out of Daddy’s pictures with his girls. By the way, the recipes were handed over by good friends Lei and Russ.

The royal family with our neighbor Bettina, my girls’ best friend. I later gave my crown to her. Crown courtesy of another friend, Argem (yes, it takes a village to spring this surprise).

The king of the house with the girls-in-waiting. Happy Father’s Day, Jake!  We love you so much.


Kymmie said...

Aaaw, that is one super special Father's Day! Those personalised placemats are adorable! And as is that recipe. Lots of extra special love from you. It's a big thing to cook when it's not your thing. I'm sure Jake appreciated it!


supermac said...

Well, he did finish his food so I know I did something right ;-)

EmmaK said...

Your girls are so cute and it looks like you had fun cooking together. Thanks so much for rewinding with me!