June 6, 2011

Chocolate Hills

There are 1,776 hills all in all. They only turn “chocolatey” during the dry season. But since we had a “rainy summer” this year, we saw minty greens instead. It is a fluke of nature to have produced these cone-shaped, almost identical hills. 

There is a scientific explanation for this wonder, one that has to do with geological shifts. But I chose to tell my girls a melodramatic tale of star-crossed giants so that I can get to that part where the giantess sheds tears that dried up and turned into what is now known as the Chocolate Hills.

My daughters were impressed with my “imaginative” storytelling, not knowing that I only borrowed from Romeo and Juliet and some Filipino telenovelas. Anyways, I thought that this tale befits Bohol’s famous tourist attraction. Chocolate Hills may not have the grandeur of the other wonders like say, The Mt. Fuji or The Grand Canyons. But this proves one thing--- that God also knows how to create something extraordinarily cute.


Sonishka said...

wow those choc hills look amazing! I love those colors in photo. nice take!

supermac said...

Thank you, Sonishka ;-)