May 7, 2011

Stuff I Will Never Put On Twitter Or Facebook

I am not ashamed of these facts. I just don't want this to be a topic of conversation in real life.

The blogosphere is different. Bloggers either affirm you or they just read your post then leave you literally with your thoughts in case they disagree with your post. You don't have to explain or defend why you wrote what you wrote.

Anyways, here are my confessions. Even I find it dorky, so it shall remain here, in my secret world.

1. I am immensely fascinated with the Latin language.
2. I don't want negativity on my FB and Twitter walls. I will hide you and un-follow you if you rain on my sunshiny day. 
3. I  like politics (disclaimer: I just want to read about it, not get involved in it).
4. I know it sounds so un-cool and so yesterday, but I would love to go back to cross-stitching.
5. I don't like to party anymore. I'd like to just go home every night, play with my kids and read my books.

My friends in real life who know me as a rock-and-roll chick, will just tease me or badger me about all these confessions. And that's pretty much the reason why I'm not posting it on FB.

Note: I accidentally deleted my earlier post.


gabino said...
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gabino said...

Agree ako sa numero singko. Ayoko nadin pumarty. Pero wala akong kids na uuwian... Yun nga lang

supermac said...

Gab, tumatagas na kasi tayo. Or, nasobrahan tayo sa party nung bata tayo :-)

supermac said...

I meant tumatanda.

gabino said...

Parang tamanaman din ata yun tumatagas eh hahahs

Naturally Carol said...

I hope you get opportunities to let the real you come out. It is always hard to change your behaviour with friends but usually they respect your decisions..with a bit of teasing..when you do are honest with them.

supermac said...

@ Thanks, Carol. Not to worry. My friends know me as a party girl who's now entering a phase of introverting and cocooning. They also call me the closet nerd. Just didn't want to broadcast all these for everyone in my social network to see.

@ Gabby: Onga, tagas, tanda. Same, same. Hahaha. Kaloka. PS. Pwede pa rin akong uminom, wag lang super late at wag lang super dami.