May 31, 2011

Our Balai Wedding

Last May 26th, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and I can’t help but reminisce about the day we hied off to Balai, Anilao for the two-day wedding affair. Unlike most Filipino weddings, ours was extremely simple. We actually attended our own wedding without knowing what was going to happen because our family and friends planned everything themselves! The entire day was a series of wonderful surprises.

I arrived in a boat and was welcomed by a brother who at that time, was already living in the States. He was hiding in one of the cottages and only appeared when I arrived. I was speechless.

I also didn’t know that my whole family was going to march with me. Jake and I really thought it would be just a short, uneventful ceremony. But my family and friends obviously had other plans.

And so we made our vows. While Jake and I are both Catholic, we decided to get married in a civil ceremony first. This beach wedding was just a reenactment of the civil wedding.

The judge who officiated the ceremony is the father of our good friend Nubbin.

Others blew bubbles while Jake and I posed pictures with the rest of the guests.

And then there was the surprise entertainment! My friends pitted my family against Jake’s.

Jake’s family showed their hidden talent. Mine showed guts and a lot of laughs <3

The finale was provided by our good friends, our hosts, and wedding organizers in one.

It was the best wedding we ever attended <3 We’re so glad it was ours.


unsubcultured said...

pag tignan mo sa malayo... huwaw, lahat nakaputi... para tayong culto siguro nun hehe

supermac said...

Actually, nung nasa boat ako, kitang kita yung puti. Sayang wala akong dalang camera or phone nun. Parang kulto talaga.

Felicity said...

I love every element of this special day.

#1 that your family organised the whole thing - including special surprises like your brother visiting = brilliant!

#2 that it was an island wedding - my favourite kind

#3 that everyone wore white

#4 that your families provided the entertainment - I can't imagine how much fun that would have been!

#5 - that you both look so happy and relaxed to start your married life together.

Thank you so much for sharing, I'm bookmarking this post!

xx Felicity

Romina Garcia said...

Oh gorgeous!!!
Re congratulations xx
The photos are stunning and so are you!!

supermac said...

Thank you, Felicity and Romina. I really loved everything about our wedding. There was no boquet throwing, no garter ritual, no criscrossed hands as we sipped our wine, no first dance even. Everybody just got drunk, both with wine and with happiness xx

Maxabella said...

SCREAMINGLY gorgeous! That's all I can say!! x