May 3, 2011

One Day

Anne Hathaway's fake British accent is disconcerting but she is a fab actress so I will just let this pass despite my belief that only Meryl Streep has the sole right in Hollywood to change tongues. Jim Sturgess, the leading man in this movie, was so credible and so cute as Paul McCartney in "Across The Universe" so it would be nice to see him again in a non-musical movie. 

The trailer says they meet once a year to celebrate the day they met, which instantly reminds me of that old movie, "Same Time, Next Year".  But this is directed by Lone Scherfig, the person behind that wonderful film, "An Education" starring Carey Mulligan, so hmmm, maybe I will just ignore the copied theme and hope that the movie will still manage to offer something fresh and exciting. What else? Oh yes, the movie was shot in Scotland.  

So many things to like and not like about this movie, and I have just seen the trailer! Feeling a little conflicted about "One Day" but what the heck, I'm going to watch it ;-D


Naturally Carol said...

I just watched another Anne Hathaway movie..of which I have forgotten the name..which was more like porn than movie. It also reminded me of an old movie in the way of a storyline..but without the sex in huge quantities! By the way I couldn't stand Meryl Streep's fake English accent in Julia and

supermac said...

I watched that movie, too and I also didn't like it. I don't think Anne Hathaway needs to appear in a soft porn at this point in her career.

Come to think of it. I also didn't like Meryl Streep's accent in Julia and Julia. Hahaha.